Contemporary Perspectives in Schizophrenia Care

This documentary film series explores the latest approaches to preventing relapse in schizophrenia.

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SCZ Now is an educational initiative that examines how patient-centric care models are improving long-term outcomes in schizophrenia. It features contemporary perspectives from experts, patients, and caregivers at the forefront of this emerging standard of care.

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Human Impact of Relapse 1 min

Subtypes of Schizophrenia

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania investigate neuroanatomical subtypes using novel machine learning methods.

A woman wearing a patient gown seen free falling against black background.
Early, Comprehensive intervention 10 min

Decline Is Not Inevitable
in Schizophrenia

3 leading psychiatrists discuss how a coordinated specialty care paradigm can help improve long-term outcomes.

Many small grey spheres surrounding a single orange sphere visualizing the human impact of relapsing in schizophrenia
Human Impact of Relapse 25 min

Quantifying the
Human Impact of
Schizophrenia Relapse

This interactive tool explores the widespread effects of relapse and ways to remediate them.

Patient-centric Care 4 min

A New Standard Emerges

Recent landmark studies support the wide adoption of coordinated specialty care.

Patient-centric Care 1 min

The Value of

The European Brain Council recently assessed the value of treatment in schizophrenia and examined the gaps in the patient care pathway.

Dr. Rene Kahn holding a spoon symbolizing the relation of a spoon with schizophrenia
Early, Comprehensive intervention 7 min

What Does a Spoon
Have to Do With

Renowned psychiatrist Dr. René Kahn explains the neuroanatomical consequences of first-episode psychosis, and a family who has faced schizophrenia shares their experience.

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Patient-centric Care 1 min

Treatment for First-
Episode Psychosis

This review outlines the evidence supporting early-intervention programs, with an emphasis on coordinated specialty care programs.

Patient-centric Care 1 min

Outcomes From the
RAISE Early Treatment

This report presents 2-year data from a study comparing the impact of comprehensive treatment vs usual community care on quality of life.

Early, Comprehensive Intervention 1 min

Early Intervention Services

This systematic review analyzed clinical outcomes among early-phase psychosis patients who received either early intervention services or treatment as usual.

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Teva is committed to providing education and enhancing care for everyone living with schizophrenia.

The SCZ Now initiative was created to help support this educational effort.