Contemporary Perspectives in Schizophrenia Care
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Narrator VO: What does a spoon have to do with schizophrenia? How do we catch patients before they fall? When will we finally listen to the voice that really matters? SCZ Now, a docuseries that explores some of the most vital questions in schizophrenia today. Featuring the doctors whose pioneering research has contributed to better outcomes, and the patients and families who are living proof.

Dr. Kane VO: The early phase of schizophrenia is particularly important in terms of getting the illness under control.

Dr. Hurford VO: Why are we doing the kind of work we do as providers if we don’t have hope that people recover?

Narrator VO: The standard of care in schizophrenia is changing. See how at

Early, Comprehensive intervention 4 min


What Does a Spoon
Have to Do With

Renowned psychiatrist Dr. René Kahn explains the neuroanatomical consequences of first-episode psychosis, and a family who has faced schizophrenia shares their experience.

Early, Comprehensive intervention 4 min


Decline Is Not Inevitable
in Schizophrenia

3 leading psychiatrists discuss how a coordinated specialty care paradigm can help improve long-term outcomes.

Early, Comprehensive intervention 4 min


A Growing Emphasis On
Social Cognition?

Dr. Michael Green explores the connection between social cognition and functional outcomes.

Teva is committed to providing education and enhancing care for everyone living with schizophrenia.

The SCZ Now initiative was created to help support this educational effort.